Nestled in the beautiful Lolo Creek canyon of western Montana, the Purcell Ranch is an evolving passion of Joe and Betsy's to live off the land.  The original 8 acres were purchased 35 years ago and has grown to the current 170 acres we now manage for fun and profit. We have raised children, a log home, dogs, cats, a garden, livestock, and trees on the ranch. As we transistion from full-time work off the ranch, to our retirement years, we look to the land once again to sustain us in our future endeavours. We have found over the years we recieve immense pleasure sharing our unique way of life with people who take the time to visit our little paradise. Please roam about our website to discover how we manage and grow our ranch.  We are sure you will enjoy visiting the ranch to experience one of the passions we are persuing. Whether you are looking for a venue for a gathering, excellent pork to eat, hunting opportunities,  an old fashioned Christmas tree outing, or wood to keep you warm, we have it all here at the Purcell Ranch.  It is truly the perfect place to enjoy Montana's natural beauty.